An Open Love Letter to Evernote

Dear Evernote,

What was my life like without you?  What did I do with my to-do lists; time-sensitive reminders; the funny thing a friend said at lunch that I “needed to write down”; the wild and fuzzy concepts I’ve dreamt up for disruptive startup companies; the endorphin-high ideas that came to me after a nice, sweaty run; the screenshots from web-sites that I’d want to see later to research an interesting company; and the web-sites that I’d bookmarked to peruse later?  What did I do with all these things before you streamlined them into one place?


Sometimes, these things were simply forgotten; I have snippets of at least five creative non-fiction essays in obscurely-titled Microsoft Word docs in the catacombs of my “Documents” folder.  But I’m generally very organized, so I could keep track of all my reminders, action items, and “brain ephemera,” but it was all very disjointed.  I wrote things down in that month’s Moleskine (I plow through those beautiful pocket-sized notebooks), I used the “Reminders” app or the Alarm app on my iPhone for timely action items, I jotted things down in the Notes app on my iPhone, I maintained a folder on my computer called “To Do Tomorrow” with screenshots of web-sites that I needed/wanted to revisit, and I bookmarked non-urgent, non-work-related web-sites I wanted to read sometime on my Safari reading list. Keeping track of everything required .8% of my resting brain energy.


You, Evernote, have turned it all around.  You have streamlined all of these things into one beautiful, intuitive interface and you’ve made me a more organized, productive person in the two months that you’ve been in my world.  My MacBook springs to life in the morning and I’m greeted with my auto-launching Evernote account, which presents my day’s projects, the list of zen-like things I thought of last night after yoga class, and a reminder about that important thing I need to turn around by noon.  Your design and user experience is so wonderful, I feel like I’m reading the menu at Cipriani when I’m faced with the Evernote note to call my dentist to make that appointment to have my cavity filled.

Evernote, you are like Pinterest for my brain.  That’s how I describe you to other people.  Except you organize the parcels of my brain to make me more efficient and productive (the same cannot be said for my Pinterest board about chairs). You deserve to be a megamillionaire of the Bill Gates variety.  I would bet my iPhone that you will be a household name within two to three years.  I hope you remember me when you’re at the top.



PS. I’m honestly not even really joking here.  Download Evernote, you’ll get it.