Know When You're Lucky

Joan Rivers was a hilarious, deeply gifted performer who broke barriers for women comedians. Much is being published about her life, work, and legacy.  

She also left another, smaller legacy, in the form of a monologue-like line, about knowing when you're lucky, during a guest appearance on an episode of Louie.  In an episode titled "Joan" (season 2, episode 4), Joan Rivers and Louis CK are doing guest performances at the same Trump casino in Atlantic City and Rivers gives Louie advice about the challenging life and career of a working comedian and why they do it because “it’s a calling.”

When I’m lucky, my brain recalls this monologue and I have an opportunity consider how lucky I am in that moment.

You know what's wrong with you guys? You don't know when you're lucky.  Appreciate where you are, for God's sake. It goes up, it goes down... Know when you're lucky!

"Know when you're lucky!"

"Know when you're lucky!"