Modern Love

I attended a beautiful family wedding in Florida last weekend.  Two young people made vows on a hot April Saturday night with a setting sun as the backdrop.  It was Pinterest-perfect.

Naturally, that weekend my sister and I ended up discussing relationships and marriage.  Neither of us are at a point in our lives where we see getting married as something that will (or should) happen soon. Personally, I am still figuring out what kind of person matches me best and what I want in a partner.  Meanwhile, Allie has it figured out:

Allie: "I'll get married when Netflix becomes a person."

Me: "So basically, you want someone who knows what you want before you do and who doesn't care if you fall asleep while they're talking to you."

Allie: "Yes."

Me: "Well actually, you fell asleep while I was talking to you last night, and I didn't mind."