I'm Liz Funk. I'm a New York-based writer and speaker.

I write about entrepreneurship, startups, career topics, women's issues, and wellness. I have written for Fast Company, the Economist, the Washington Post, USA Today, Newsday, Levo League, AOL.com, and Creator, the online magazine about entrepreneurship published by WeWork.

I am fascinated by people who do what they love and how Millennials and career-changers can figure out what they're passionate about; I frequently explore these topics in my writing.

When I was in college, I wrote a book called "Supergirls Speak Out" (Simon and Schuster, 2009), about how young women in high school, college, and their twenties are more goal-driven than ever before.

I speak at colleges about why it's important for ambitious women to carve out time to relax, so they can feel energetic, focused, and well-rested as they pursue their careers.

I have spoken at nearly 100 colleges across the country, including Cornell University, Duke University, NYU, Boston University, Boston College, Rice University, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Virginia, and Indiana University.

My passion project is raising awareness about obsessive compulsive disorder and helping others with OCD.  I want others with OCD to be able to skillfully manage their anxiety, to react to their OCD thoughts and fears calmly, and to create lives of their own design. 

You can also read my blog, Befriend Your "Glowing" OCD Brain, on living a happier, healthier life with OCD.