Keep Calm and Trust that the Universe Has Your BackA Program for Sorority Women to Reduce Stress, Build Confidence, and Be Fearless

Today’s sorority women are so high-achieving and involved, their iCals look like rainbows and their lists have lists. Some women say, “I’m so OCD” to describe how they create order in their lives, while also hinting that they’re anxious.

I help high achieving sorority women reduce their stress so they can be happier and more successful in college. I teach young women to observe their thoughts, as opposed to automatically believing everything they think about themselves and their futures. 

Instead of saying, “I’m so OCD,” I encourage young women to let go of the urge to control everything and to embrace a new mantra: 

“Keep calm, and trust that the universe has your back.”

I have been a guest speaker at nearly 100 colleges in 35 states, including Cornell University, Brown University, Duke University, NYU, the University of Virginia, Indiana University, Emerson College, the University of Colorado, the University of Connecticut, Penn State University, Colgate University, Northeastern University, and the University of Missouri.

Email me (lizfunk AT me DOT com) for more information about bringing me to speak at your campus or event!

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